JUST HEMP BABE 50ml  Spectrum Whole hemp seed Oil

JUST HEMP BABE 50ml Spectrum Whole hemp seed Oil

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JUST HEMP BABE is a Multi-functional Oil - For use orally under the tongue or externally on the skin.
JUST HEMP BABE is now Formulated using food grade verified Terpenes (10) formulated specifically foWILDRIVERS by TRUE TERPENES ensuring only top quality products are used.

Made from Organically Grown NZ Hemp.

After much research and testing we have developed this product using proprietary infusion methods. Made from Concentrated Whole Hemp Seed with focus on the potential of unique Wholeseed Hemp Cannabisins (Phenylpropionamides) found abundant in the Whole Seed plus being rich in Edestin and Albumin from the Whole seed blended together through a month long infusion process.

We have added the power of Curcumin to our blend, sourced from Bagdara Farms, a top producer of Organic turmeric high in Curcumins and a leading research facility.

Developed for inflammation issues, Arthritis, Gout, Anxiety,

Why Cannabisins from the Wholehemp Seed may be important for nutritional health, link provided for educational purpose only and is not an endorsement for this product.

Just Hemp Babe is certified as a NZ product with FERNMARK
LICENCE NO. 100683

NOTE: NZ Lab tested at verified Facility as safe for microbiologicals/ Pesticide/insecticide and heavy metals free.

No Risk 30 DAY MONEY BACK GARANTEE we back our product with confidence .

Please let us know how you find Just Hemp Babe we welcome your review

Disclaimer: Always Consult with your medical professional, "JUST HEMP BABE" contains terpenes which MAY be harmful to eyes or sensitive skin , always spot test on a small area of skin first before using. Curcumins may have adverse side effects in large amounts with some medications.


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