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Adding Hemp Seed Oil to Your Culinary Repertoire

You may have heard the assertion that hemp seed oil is the new coconut oil. It’s true – but you may find yourself reaching for your hemp oil far more often. After all, hemp oil has more uses than simply adding to recipes. You can also use this oil in a range of other ways, including in skincare and as a carrier for essential oils. You can find a variety of hemp oil products at Kakariki Fine Foods.

Benefits of Hemp Oil for Dietary Health

Hemp oil is fantastic for a range of recipes, adding bold flavor and aromatics to many of your favorite dishes. It’s also highly nutritious. Here are a few good reasons to make hemp oil a part of your kitchen rotation.

  • A unique fatty-acid profile. Hemp oil contains the more common omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids – along with the less common SDA (stearidonic acid) and GLA (gamma-linoleic acid). These fatty acids may help fight inflammation and may play a role in protecting the heart and immune system.
  • Protein and calcium. In addition to the above fatty acids, hemp oil also contains plenty of protein and calcium. Be sure to purchase your hemp oil for a reliable source, such as Kakariki Fine Foods, because some sellers offer varieties that contain fillers and sweeteners instead.
  • It’s vegan-friendly. Hemp seed oil is not only tasty, versatile, and nutritious – it’s vegan, too. Good hemp oil has no fillers, either – just the good stuff. Add it to smoothies or any dish for a burst of vegan-friendly flavour and a powerful punch of nutrition.

Creative Ways to Use Hemp Seed Oil

If you’ve decided to try hemp oil in foods but aren’t sure where to start, we have some tips to help you get started. Here are a few creative uses for hemp oil in the kitchen.

  • Use it in dishes that don’t require heat. Too much heat will destroy the terpenes – and therefore, much of the flavour and aroma – of your hemp oil. Hemp oil is best suited to cold recipes, such as salad dressings, bread dips, homemade mayonnaise, pesto, or smoothies.
  • Store your hemp oil properly. Once opened, hemp oil should be stored in the fridge and used within three months. You can keep unopened hemp oil in a cold, dark place, such as your pantry until its “use by” or “best before” date.
  • Learn about its nutritional benefits. Hemp oil can help you meet your nutritional needs because it contains lots of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins A and E, and less saturated fat than other cooking oils.

About Kakariki Fine Foods

At Kakariki Fine Foods, we are dedicated to providing high-quality hemp products ranging from foods to skincare and more. We use the best proteins and fats along with traditional family recipes and lots of love to create the finest products for our customers to enjoy. We believe in the ability of food to enhance healing and overall well-being. We also focus on customer education and are always happy to answer questions or provide advice regarding how to get the most out of your hemp products. Contact us today for more information.

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